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Sunshine Coast Lawyers are licensed in Queensland. In addition, through our statewide network of affiliated Lawyers and law firms we represent individuals and families throughout Queensland in serious injury and wrongful death cases.




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Tinted Windows against the sunlight

Windows, small opening for sunlight and fresh air, offer some beautiful views. It also lets the sunlight and vitamin D to reach a person sitting in his house or car. But at the same time, this sunlight can cause some hot spots and even, some severe fading the furnishings of a person’s car. Thus, in the present world, a person needs to be protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. Window tinting is one of the best options. Either a person just simply protects himself from the harmful sunrays or for the purpose of heat rejection technology; all one need to do is tint their windows. While comfort and style are paramount, the non-metalized tinting options can also help one to stay connected and protected with SPF factors. Thus, tinted windows protect a person even after 1000 SPF factor just by blocking the harmful sunrays.

When one talks about the sunlight, then he is talking about the infrared, visible and ultraviolet light that constitutes the sunlight as a whole. Only the infrared and the visible light do not harm a person. The ultraviolet rays are much more hazardous. Window tinting is done with the help of certain heat rejection films. Most of the time, heat rejection films are being applied in the interior side of windows, in order to diminish the extent of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light that are entering through windows. Thus, for this purpose, such kind of films are primarily manufactured by dyeing and metalizing, in order to change the incoming radition from the sun into infrared radiation and then it is reflected back on the exterior side of the same window. Window Tinting Melbourne, with the rising technology, is now successful in creating a ceramic window film that is originally not made of metal and doesn’t contain dyes that could cause even discoloration.




It's not that window films made from ceramic and metals cost more by up to 15% more than that of the normal windows that they are considered better. But they do provide a sunstantial increase in protection from UV rays. They also have more ability to mange heat transfer. In order to keep the house cool and the sun’s heat away from the house, a coating is applied which actually has emissivity that is low on the outside of the glazed glass of your windows. If a person wants the sunlight to enter his car or house in winters, all he need to do is to apply the same low-permittivity coating to the inside of the window pane. There are special films that are being developed which are spectrally selective. These can block some wavelengths of the sunlight.


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