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Tips for Amazing Newborn Photography

According to some professional photographers, nothing amazed them more than to have newborn photography sessions. For sure everyone can relate this even if you are not a professional photographer. It is surely amazing to capture every now and then the activities of newborn babies. With their small body parts, they are so cute and very delicate. If only you can capture your feelings as well especially if you are the mother of that baby, it will surely make you so proud to flaunt such picture in every part of your home. But that dream is not impossible these days with the expertise of the photographers and our innovative times, everything can be achieved now.

But the thing is we are talking about a baby here and everybody knows how challenging this task is. Aside from the fact that the taking of photo session is limited as newborns are most of the time sleeping, you cannot tell them what to do as well. One thing that a parent can do as well as the photographer is a very well planned session and most of all, they must have patience. You cannot have good result if you are taking those pictures when you are already feeling so stressed and frustrated.

So, to help you with this ordeal, here some tips that might be of use during a newborn photography session:


-> The photo session will have best result if the baby is younger like 0 – 10 days old. That way, the session would be most likely just at home as parents might find it too risky for them to be moved at that early. Another thing is since they are most of the time asleep; it will be easier for them to be shot. Besides, when the baby will be like more than 10 days old, most of the time they will already develop some skin irritations like acne and other imperfections. But then again, the parents will always have the final say though they should not expect lots of good pictures if the baby is already a little bit older.

-> If you want to have a sleepy baby picture without anything on, then better heat up your place to make it warmer before the actual session. Then be sure there are no diaper marks in the skin of the baby. If possible, make use of loose diapers 20 minutes before the photo session and it will do the trick.

-> If you want to have the photo session for your baby in another location, then make sure he is already fed and burped properly. If not, you can’t expect a happy baby in the pictures as they will surely become irritable and uncomfortable. It would help also to take extra formula with you since babies easily get hungry.


Whatever it is that you desire as parents of the baby, as long you and the photographer will help each other in coming up with good baby pictures, the newborn photography session will surely be a great success!