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Our Caloundra and Maroochydore based lawyers are sensitive to the unique challenges our clients face.

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Engineered Timber Flooring vs Solid Floor

An engineered timber flooring is a floor board that consists of layers of timbers. The number of layers depends on the cost of each board. Some boards may only have three layers of timbers but the pricier boards consist of up to twelve layers of timbers. These layers of timbers are made from thin cuts of hardwood and softwood plantation timbers that are glued together but in different directions so as to be durable and at the same time provide strength on the top layer of the engineered timber flooring.

The technology in manufacturing this type of flooring has evolved from using the slow growing timber to the fast but softwood growing timber. This technology is more friendly to the environment without sacrificing strength and durability of the engineered timber flooring.

Cons of using solid floor

Timber, being a living thing, adjusts to the environmental condition in order to survive. If the moisture level in the area is high, the timber will absorb the moisture which causes it to swell and produce a crown in the middle portion. If, however, the environment is dry, it will release moisture from within which results the timber to constrict and produce a cup in the middle. The changes in the moisture level in the environment causes the timber to move which is prevalent in solid floor. Thus, the solid floor may result in crowning or cupping over time, which is not the case of engineered timber flooring.

Having a hard time cleaning your tile floorings? Check this out!

Pros of using engineered flooring

1) It is more durable than solid floors because it does not have the cupping and crowning issues.

2) The options are more varied when it comes to design of the timber and colors, which are not available in solid floor.

3) The installation process of engineered timber flooring is so much faster as compared to solid floor. There is no more need for acclimatizing the engineered floor and it can be stepped-on immediately after installation.


In order to keep your floor looking brand new, always clean it with a vacuum cleaner that has soft brush as an attachment. You can also use electrostatic mop to absorb all the dirt and dust. The use of bleaching agents and ammonia are discouraged. Mopping the floor with water and some environment-friendly cleaning soap are enough.

Use Engineered Timber Flooring Sydney on your home and office and you will be amazed on how it can add another layer of beauty on your surroundings.