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Having a Surprised Wedding Proposal

Guys really find it hard to plan for their wedding proposals for the girl that they love. Others don’t even try to do it for they are afraid to be rejected and others spend a lot of money just to make their wedding proposal the perfect one where in they will offer an expensive diamond engagement ring which could be expensive too making the whole set up a big expense. But they don’t mind it for they treat it as an important occasion for them. Others make it announced but what is new and trending today is the surprise one. It is really what most guys use for they believe that it gives unexplained feelings to the girl. Why do you think it is more preferred by the guys and why the girls more likely to give positive answers by this kind of proposals. Here are the possible reasons.

Effort. It makes a guy to exert more effort for they are the one who planned everything. The place, the planning process, the things need to do, the people involve, he is the one who makes everything possible in order to make the main purpose to be perfectly done.

Creative. Since the guy planned it, it simply shows how creative guys could be in order have a unique and unforgettable wedding proposal they could give to the girl that they love. Imagine how they make it possible to have their proposal not so obvious but amazingly they are prepared. From the plan of place to the moment that they will give the diamond engagement ring making it so romantic and perfectly made.

Excitement. For the part of the girl. It gives them the unexplained feeling. The mixture of nervous, happiness, and excitement that they feel makes them feel overwhelmed that could possibly leads to having a positive answer.


Although it is the most preferred way for the guys to have their proposals, sometimes it also leads to things that a guy doesn’t want and afraid to happen. It also makes the situation complicated and confusing sometimes in the part of the girl. Here are some of the possible disadvantages that you might experience when you choose a surprised proposal.

Rejection. The most unwanted scene a guy doesn’t want to happen. it is the most hurtful thing a guy could ever had when having this kind of proposal for it is not only the rejection they will face but also the shame of it seen by many people.

Confusing. This is for the part of the girl. Since it is a surprise proposal, there is a possibility for a girl to get confused and might not get any answer from her. She might get the feeling of overwhelmed and at the same time shocked making her to have her mind blanked.

Wrong decision. The pressure of the surprise proposal and crowd watching while you are waiting for her answer could give her a sudden decision that she might not even notice. For example she answers yes today and eventually it changes to no saying that she was just pressured that time and she don’t want you to look dumb.

Remember that it is not always good to make your wedding proposal in a surprise way as long as you have the engagement ring that you will offer, the sincerity, and the love that you are offering to her to have forever.