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Sunshine Coast Lawyers have specialists in Criminal Defence, Divorce law, Family Matters, Mediation, personal Injury and malpractice. Based on the Sunshine Coast with offices in Caloundra and Maroochydore, we also provide legal advice online.

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Our Caloundra and Maroochydore based lawyers are sensitive to the unique challenges our clients face.

Sunshine Coast Lawyers are licensed in Queensland. In addition, through our statewide network of affiliated Lawyers and law firms we represent individuals and families throughout Queensland in serious injury and wrongful death cases.




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Limit your call duration

Always remember that your real estate agent is not your friend. You cannot have long, lengthy conversations with him. Limit your call duration to a maximum of 5 to 6 minutes. If your call has to go beyond that, it is better to fix a face to face meeting. Discussing an issue on the phone for too long won’t be as effective as over a meeting anyway.

Talk about business only

Many a times, customers call their agents during the day and start talking about irrelevant things too. Check yourself when if see yourself start to do so. You must remember that mortgage broker in Melbourne has a number of clients to help on a daily basis.

Ask them when a good time to call is

After the first few calls and once you have spent a few days going over property with your agent, start asking him when a good time to call would be. Typically, real estate agents contact the client when they find a suitable buyer or seller for the property.

Furthermore, you may check their brokerage system and whether they are flexible depending on size of property and number of deals. Based on this comparison you can finally decide which agency will fit your budget and meet your needs.

It is will be a criminal waste of time and effort if he spends his time talking to you about anything besides real estate business.

But as an agent, out of sheer politeness, he will never tell you so.