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Clean your Carpet On your Own

One of the hardest house hold chores is cleaning a carpet all by yourself. Because of this, most people just avail a carpet cleaning service and pay a quite amount of money. Carpet cleaning services can be really costly because of all the things that should be done just to clean the carpet. But you can do carpet cleaning all by yourself and save a good amount of money. Carpet cleaning should not be as extravagant but it can be done in a simple way. Simple ways like creating an affordable solution that is to be applied to the carpet in the cleaning process.

To help you in cleaning your carpets, here are some guide tips for you to follow.


Vacuum your carpet properly before starting the actual cleaning

First and foremost, before cleaning the carpet, it should be dust free and dirt free. This is to prevent the carpet from getting smudged by the dusts in it causing more stains and dirt to clean. Also, you need to use a clean vacuum bag to ensure that there will be no dust that would fall in the area that you have already vacuumed. If you will use old vacuum bags, tendency is the dusts from the old vacuum bag might just fall off to the area of the carpet that has already been vacuumed causing you to do it all over again. You are then just wasting your time.


The Carpet cleaning services Melbourne provides an affordable service. Contact them now.




Create a liquid cleaning solution and apply it to the carpet

To create a liquid cleaning solution, all of you have to do it to mix a powder detergent with water that is enough to cover the entire area of the carpet. Apply it to the vacuumed carpet. Do this with the use of a clean damp cloth. Cover the entire area with this solution until the entire carpet is completely soaked with it. After doing so, pre treat the carpet by brushing the stains away. There are stains that require more liquid solution so if there is a need for this, do not hesitate to put more detergent into it to brush the stain away completely.


Use towels to cover the carpet


After pre treating the carpet, cover it with old towels so that no dusts will fall off the carpet when it is still wet. Also this is for the excess liquid to get absorbed by the towels. Leave it for five minutes.


Remove the soap from the carpet by water


Brush the carpet using clean water to remove the soap residue in it. This is also to brush away the stains completely. Do this until the whole area is not cleaned and soap free. After doing so, you can now let it dry. The best way to let it dry is to place it near the windows where the wind could easily go through the carpet. This will make the carpet dry faster and it will surely smell fresh after it has completely dried.