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How to Create an e Commerce Website

Your customers will love a lot of choice when it comes to shopping so make sure that there is some mechanism available for them to filter their options. If you open an apparels store, make sure you include a lot of options on sizes, designs and cuts. Also ask your web designer to include great quality images to compensate for the lack of “touch factor”.

Integrate social media

Tweet, poke, tag and scribble on walls. This is what will make your e commerce web site stand out from the rest. Again, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The social media links shouldn’t be hidden away (this will make their presence useless) and they shouldn’t be allowed to dominate the page altogether. And in case you are still not doing it, start optimizing for Search Optimization.


Prioritize the shopping cart and the search bar

Two most important elements on your web site are the search bar (which allows your customers to find out what they want) and the shopping cart (which is the ultimate aim anyway). These elements should be highlighted and should be extremely easy for the customer to locate. Ask your web designer to prioritise these portions on your web site.


Ask about the cost of designing the website. Cheapest is not always the best. Web designers who are inexperienced or not versatile or dynamic enough to come up with new ideas will try to peddle the concepts used in their earlier designs. Ask for the terms of contract and if possible get a written contract.

If you really want to make your presence felt online, look for Website designers Sunshine Coast who build not just good but great websites.


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