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Skip Bins Uses

Skip bins are used wherever huge volumes of garbage are generated everyday like hospitals, residential apartments, hotels, restaurants, offices, and factories. Although many sizes and shapes of skips are there, most litter bins happen to be trapezoidal in shape with an open top.

These are mostly placed in open areas either on the pavement, road intersections or corners, or on an arterial road. Permission from the local municipal authority will be required if you place the skip on a pavement or at the intersection of a public thoroughfare.

There are many garbage disposal firms, offering different types of Skip bins, either for hire or for outright purchase. The type of skip bin required will depend upon the kind of waste that is being disposed. There are skips for collecting and disposing garbage from residential complexes, manufacturing plants, offices, parks, and landfill sites.




Very often when you shift from one place to another, a lot of waste is generated, not only from the home that you are leaving, but also from your new address, as you have to clean the premises. Manufacturing industries generate a lot of trash and effluents during production processes. Hospitals, hotels, and eateries also generate huge quantities of waste.

A large proportion of the waste that is generated from different industrial and domestic segments everyday is toxic and can cause environmental pollution. Skip bins can be used for collecting and disposing the garbage on a daily basis to prevent pollution.

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