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Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes

When you live in an old home you will have to be prepared to face several plumbing problems. While this may not mean that the home is in a bad condition, it may just be a sign that the plumbing requires more attention or simply needs to be fixed. Constant use of bathroom taps and services or water systems eventually results in wear and tear of the facilities.

Wall seepages

It is common for people who live in homes built years ago to spot water seepages on walls in and around the bathroom. This is usually a sign that the pipeline is leaking from within or there is stagnant water being stored within the walls.




Either way, if it isn’t checked by a professional plumber, it may lead to other problems. You can easily solve the issue by hiring Plumbers Runaway Bay. Once they review the situation they will either break the wall and reinstall a new pipeline or find a way to stop the water leak.

Low flow of water

Sometimes, the taps in old homes get blocked with years of use. While this may not stop the water from flowing completely, it may result in lower flow of water. You can hire a plumber’s service to solve the problem. In this case they will mostly think of changing the taps and pipeline or just remove the dirt and grime or any other material that is causing the water to flow slower than usual.


Blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing issue for old homes. Blocked drains pose all sorts of flooding and health and safety risks. Contact Bell Plumbing to fix your problem right away!