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Services Provided by a Mobile Dog Wash 

If you have a pet dog then you obviously need to undertake certain care and maintenance activities too. Every dog needs to be pampered, cleaned and walked regularly to stay fit and healthy. While most people believe that a good diet and regular exercise are more than enough to maintain a dog’s health, in reality there is a lot more that needs to be done.

You also need to pay attention to your dog’s hygiene and cleanliness needs. If you don’t get the time to personally bathe your dog, you can always avail of a mobile dog wash service.

Special treatments and shampoos

Every dog requires special care and attention depending on its size, coat, thickness of fur etc. While most pet owners feel that bathing their dog once every few weeks ensures a healthy coat, in reality, dogs require special skin treatments and shampoos to make sure that their coat and skin stay healthy and free of fleas and ticks.




Mobile dog wash in South Brisbane usually keeps an array of shampoos and skin treatment sprays and lotions. So whenever you hire them to bathe or treat your dog they can easily check the dog’s coat and skin and accordingly give the right treatment to it.

Focus on ears and eyes

As a dog owner you may pay great attention to your dog’s needs and requirements. However, it is better to visit a Vet when you want to check and clean the dog's sensitive body parts like the ears and eyes.