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Shared Parenting

Parental separation is hurtful to most children and it takes time to get them out of it. With shared parenting the child gets attention and care from both parents which can help him come back to normalcy.

Children raised by single parents face a lot of problems as the parent is always busy to make ends meet. On the other hand, with shared parenting the child spends significant time with both parents and doesn’t feel left out.


Advantages of shared parenting

Shared parenting is much more effective for the child than being raised by a single parent. The main advantage is that the child gets the opportunity to interact with both parents, just like he would if their parents were together. In short, the separation of his parents does not affect the way he is raised.

Conflicts and disagreements between parents may have a negative impact on children. Shared parenting wears off this negative impact and gives the child a sense of security. Parents communicate and behave amicably as it is for the best interests of their child.

Shared parenting encourages the child to inculcate good qualities from both parents which will make him a better person in future. Besides, children can continue to interact with their paternal and maternal relatives making them socially stronger.

Family law

The idea of gaining custody or possession of the child post separation has given way to shared parenting. Australian Family Law asserts that the child needs the love and care of both parents. Family Lawyers are appointed by courts to make separated couples settle their disagreements and explain the importance of shared parenting.