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Make the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

Before you set up a stall at an exhibition try to see what others are doing. And then try to plan differently. During trade shows or exhibitions, you only get a few moments to really create an impact on the minds of your customers. In order to make sure that you create a positive impact whatever you do should be different and unique in terms of design and communication plans.

Do not crowd potential clients

When you put up your stall try to make it comfortable and spacious. Follow a format wherein only a few clients can examine the goods at your exhibition stall at a time. If they step over each other it will be disastrous. They won’t get time to really understand your product or service. This may affect the overall goal of participating in the exhibition in the first place.


Clear, bold graphics and print


If you do choose to use print mediums to represent your company and products it is advisable to use clear, bold and concise graphics and print so that you can retain the attention of the potential customers. Clients at exhibitions do not have time to read everything written in print because of the sheer number of stalls present.

However, you can win them over with clear designs and communication. Use words, not lines. Try to use symbols with meaning, not elaborate designs that need time to go over.

Having an exhibition display will make your brand names known to people.