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How to Choose a Commercial Warewashing Equipment?

Commercial warewashing refers to a complete dishwashing solution from rack conveyor down to the basic glass washer, including cutlery dryers-polishers and accessories.

If you in the food service industry and you need warewashing equipment, you must know the various types of dishwashers available and the pros and cons of each. This will help you make an informed selection.


Various types of dishwashers are available including conveyor-belt dishwashers, conveyor dishwashers, undercounterunder counter commercial dishwashers, vertical dishwashers, doortype, rackless-conveyor, doortype, and undercounterunder counter commercial dishwashers. Dishwashers may be specialized for specific type of washing such as utensils, glass, or cutlery. A wide rage of accessories is also available.


Commercial warewashing equipment may be single purpose or multipurpose. For example if a dishwasher is specifically designed to wash platesfor washing plates it may have a rack with pegs. But glassware does not need pegs. A multipurpose dishwasher may have interchangeable racks or multiple racks. Or it may simply use a peg less rack for both.

Handheld remote interfaces provide control for functions like start-up, and shutdown. The service diagnostics, internal booster heater, individual operating components machine programming can also be controlled.




Commercial warewashing equipment can be categorized by the number of units washed per houran hour. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the type of warewasher to buy. Door type machines and undercounterunder counter dishwashers can wash about 24 to 55 racks per in an hour. A glass washer may wash and sanitize about 2,000 glasses anper hour. Rackless -conveyor dishwashers can wash up to 21,000 dishes per houran hour. Single-tank as well as multiple-tank rack conveyors are capable of washing up to 28,000 dishes per houran hour. Utensil washing machines dishwashers have a capacity of about 6 to 60-pans per houran hour. Circular conveyors have a maximum capacity of about 120 to 320 racks per houran hour.