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The Three Basic Methods that Carpet Cleaners Use


Carpets add aesthetic value to a room. A simple-looking room becomes elegant looking, more so if the carpets are wall-to-wall. One of the most important functions of carpets is the warmth it provides, especially during winter months, especially to those who live in temperate countries. But carpets are not immune to dirt and germs even they are regularly cleaned. Carpet cleaner Sydney must be hired in order to eliminate all kinds of germs and dirt that are embedded on all the fibers of the carpets. Household vacuum cleaners do not possess the strong suction action of industrial vacuum cleaners. In addition, carpet cleaners can turn an old looking carpet to a new and revitalized carpet.

Listed below are the three basic methods of carpet cleaning that carpet cleaners use:

1) Steam extraction carpet cleaning- this is the method that is widely used for carpets that are very dirty or soiled. The carpet cleaners use very hot water and cleaning solutions that are applied on the carpets with different modes or pressures. This method is very effective in removing all stubborn stains such as liquid spills and pet issues. No worries because the cleaning solutions used by carpet cleaners are very safe for kids and pets. The carpets are usually usable after 12-18 hours after the steam extraction method. This method is recommended to be done at least once a year.







2) Dry cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning- this method is highly recommended in areas that are high in humidity. The carpet cleaners will apply a foamy cleaning solution that gets dry easily and then a machine will be used in order to agitate the cleaning solution and spreads uniformly on the entire carpet. The dirt and germs will adhere to the foamy cleaning solution which will then turn into small capsules. These capsules will then be vacuumed using a very powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. The carpet is usable in roughly 30 to 45 minutes after treatment.

3) True dry cleaning- no foamy cleaning solution is applied but only natural plant cleaning solution is used in this method. The carpets do not get wet at all during the treatment. The agitation of the machine and the natural plant cleaning solution are powerful enough to totally remove all dirt and germs that are embedded on the carpets.

By keeping your home free from all harmful germs and dust, you provide a clean and healthy environment for your family. Call carpet cleaners to do all the dirty job for your carpets.