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Purchased a new Air Conditioning unit? What’s next?

Air conditioning as we know it is the regulation of the temperature of air in a confined space. Yes it is wonderful to equip your house with an A/C unit since it’s evident to come in handy during summer when you are sweating through your skin! The question arises as to how to continue with the air conditioning installation that follows up the purchase.

You are going to need a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) contractor to install the A/C unit. While the purchase of the air conditioner from a dealer and installing it yourself seems feasible, the level of skill required to install an A/C unit is substantial. Additionally, you must be certified with a Refrigerant Handling License (RHL) issued by Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) to handle the installation of a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) equipment.

For homes that are being subjected to air conditioning installation for the first time, new breakers in your electrical panel are needed. The wires need to be directed through your foundation, duct work linking to your existing HVAC system and the mounting of your unit on metal bracket or a concrete pad.

It is evident that a procedure this crucial needs to be handled by a professional. Yes, one of the main advantages is the labor warranty provided by the contractor for the professional level air conditioning installation. Although one could argue that doing the installation yourself is much more economical, most air conditioning installation errors can be prevented by taking the time to select a qualified contractor. It is essential that your HVAC service contractor is qualified to deal with the inherent safety issues in heating systems, or cooling units that use toxic refrigerants such as Freon. A professional Brisbane air conditioning installation ought to possess competent knowledge of electrical wiring, refrigerants, combustion systems and airflow through ducts that result in comfort and convenience in your home.

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A proper air conditioning installation is critical for the safety of your home and your family. A thorough knowledge on the operation of home ventilation and exhaust systems are significantly important to prevent death or injury from carbon monoxide poisoning which can occur as a result of HVAC system malfunctioning or improper installation.

Even if you decide to go ahead and install the A/C unit by yourself, make sure that you have a contractor inspect the start-up before installation and after the installation is completed. Certify the safety of your family with the correct decision.