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Our Caloundra and Maroochydore based lawyers are sensitive to the unique challenges our clients face.

Sunshine Coast Lawyers are licensed in Queensland. In addition, through our statewide network of affiliated Lawyers and law firms we represent individuals and families throughout Queensland in serious injury and wrongful death cases.




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Pool Inspection

Another aspect of pool inspection is to keep the quality of the pool’s water under check. Pool inspectors Brisbane checks the quality of your pool water as nobody would want to take a dip in a pool with water that gives them skin rashes.

If you are too busy manually treating the water in your pool, you can always hire a pool service or install automated water-cleaning equipment. Make sure that you test the pool water at least once every week and more frequently if you use it regularly.

Maintenance Pool Inspections

Apart from a basic safety inspection included in the Pre purchase inspections packages, maintenance inspection is also equally important. Maintenance inspection on a daily basis keeps you informed of all the major impending problems related to your swimming pool.

Hair strainers and skimmer baskets can make your pool water filthy if they get clogged. Hence, make sure they are cleaned properly every day. Even the working condition of your chemical feeder and chlorine generating device is of vital importance to the health of your pool.

The valves, filters and gauges should be in proper working order as well.

Another thing you don’t want is leakages in the pipes that are pumping water into your pool. Such leakages in the pipes would eventually end up flooding your pool area.

General Inspections

Don’t ever take pool inspection for granted. Even the pool water that apparently looks fine can carry traces of infectious algae that can cause many harmful diseases. Instead of looking at the overall picture of a healthy looking pool, double check all the intricate aspects of glass pool fence.

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Non-Destructive Testing

Non destructive testing finds use in industries like automobile, aviation and aerospace, construction, manufacturing, and repairs and operations.

Types of non-destructive testing

Electromagnetic testing uses electromagnetic currents or magnetic fields inside an object. If there are cracks, the response from the currents or magnetic fields will be higher.

Ultrasonic testing refers to sending high frequency sound waves to detect changes in the properties of the material or components. Window Screens are highly tested for security and strength.

Visual inspection is the oldest method of testing. Using high power lenses, cameras, video equipment, you can determine the surface conditions.

Leak testing involves using electronic listening devices, pressure gauge measurements or soap bubble tests to detect and locate pressure-retaining systems.

Acoustic emission testing enables imperfections in the material emit acoustic energy called emissions whenever you stress the material.

Acoustic resonance testing detects certain characteristics and measures the frequencies that are noticed by a microphone or laser vibrometer. It allows testing of wide range of objects.

Infrared testing allows the infrared imaging and camera to locate and measure the infrared energy emitted from an object.

Dye penetrant testing locates discontinuities on material surfaces. A penetrating dye induced on the surface shows discontinuities after it settles down. Remove the excess dye to see the defects clearly.

Radiographic testing detects defects or cracks in welds, casting or forgings inside the component by exposing the system to an x-ray or gamma radiation. A shadowgraph on a photographic film or a fluorescent scene displays the absorption of the material. This difference in absorption reveals the defects

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